Portable Anti Choking Device Strong Suction Home Emergency Kit

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Portable Anti Choking Device Strong Suction Home Emergency Kit | First Aid Airway Assist Device Heimlich Maneuver Device

  • Easy to Operate: Quickly release danger with only one button trigger in emergency while supporting self-rescue
  • Preloading: Make the rescue quicker and easier, saving valuable time in emergency situations
  • Consistent suction about 33KPa: Provide instant pressure to relieve choking, and ensure optimal results every time
  • Safety: Greatly reduce the damage caused by mask pressure to face and neck, eliminating the risk of secondary damage caused by the blockage going deeper
  • 3 Different Size Masks: Cover almost all people except infants. Make sure the mask fits the face and forms a vacuum environment

Customer Reviews

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Park Jean Moon

Delivery is fast and the product is in good condition.

RicHARD Wilson
Well made and ready for an emergency

Because so few people are trained to provide life saving techniques for a choking victim we purchased this item for our church for Sunday School and social gatherings. It’s easy to use and mounted easily on a wall for ready access. Its automatic features means there is no worry about the force used to evacuate a person’s throat by pulling on a handle.

Summer L.
A great device for peace of mind!

I've purchased several choking rescue devices before, but none quite like this one. The suction power on this thing is no joke. I used to worry about the effectiveness of other brands, fearing they might leak or not be strong enough, especially when it comes to something as crucial as preventing choking. To put it to the test, I even tried using various devices to see if they could lift my household table. This one was the real deal. It not only lifted it but held it securely without dropping, unlike others that struggled or lost grip almost immediately. Now that's what I call power! It also comes with a convenient wall mount. I've hung it near the dining table, giving me peace of mind knowing it's within arm's reach if anyone ever needs it. Hopefully, I'll never have to use it, but having this device makes me feel prepared for anything.

Anti Choking Device

This is pretty simple in its design, but what a great tool to keep around the house! Honestly though, I really hope I never need to use this even though I have more comfort knowing it's there. Materials and various attachments feel sturdy, but hopefully this isn't something you'll have to use more than once.

Luke Sanchez
Life-saving products

Our household has two adults, one teenager, and one 4 year old. We also have small kids visit routinely. I am absolutely terrified of the idea that someone I love may choke on my watch so this is great for peace of mind.The unit is hefty. It comes shrinkwraped and in a sturdy box that I will continue to store it in. It also has a thick poly bag but I want to keep all the instructions and pieces together and the box seems better suited for that. The device is well made and heavy and feels substantial which always gives me confidence in the product itself. This does not feel like a flimsy, throw away gadget. It's legitimately intimidating and it comes with lots of intense instructions. I will definitely be reading and rereading and making sure we all know where the unit is and how it works.I hope we never ever have to use it, but I am thankful that it will be in our first aid arsenal.