LOFREE Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard Mouse Set

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Pay attention to every detail in life

Everyone needs a private space of their own

When you spend a lot of time typing on the keyboard, it’s especially important to have a pleasant 2m² office space

Save the difficulty in choosing. Such a gift will make him/her unable to put it down.
7 unique products and 2 commemorative gifts (keycaps, tote bags) are combined into a gold business suit, which is simple, elegant and practical. How can such a cool gift not make his heart flutter?

DOT Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard 

Appearance is justice and work is efficient
Combining the retro elements of a typewriter with a streamlined shape, solid knocking feel and light and clever rebound, it has a more retro charm in both appearance and usability, and has become a key player in performance and appearance.

MAUS Bluetooth Mouse 

Fast, precise, efficient, small comfort in the palm of your hand
A pleasant working environment can make people more efficient. It turns out that this is really not just a saying. The combination of polka dots and potato chips has a unique shape. The clicking sound of the keyboard and the crisp sound of the mouse add a touch of surprise and interest to the desktop.

DIGIT Bluetooth Mechanical Calculator

Be independent and refuse to follow the rules
Being calculated by life every day, I have never enjoyed the fun of calculation. The innovative appearance subverts all conventional calculator shapes and adds a touch of vitality to boring office life.

Poison M Poison Speaker
Combining retro and trend to pay tribute to traditional aesthetics

When I got home from get off work, I collapsed on the sofa tiredly, turned on the speakers, the music started playing, my thoughts flowed with the music, and I was infected by this romantic atmosphere.

Candly light pickup lamp
Light and shadow flow, candlelight flickers

Picking up light, time, it records the tender moments between you and me, the waiting of family members when night falls, and ourselves working hard for our dreams under the light.

C.Medal keycaps
A souvenir from Luofei

This is not an ordinary keycap, just to commemorate Luofei’s starting point and the beginning with you.

Black tote bag, high-profile yet stylish
The tote bag is versatile and practical, and with its transparent material, it is fashionable, simple and elegant. Take off your suit, put on casual clothes, and have a drink with three or two friends

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