KiCA Cordless High-speed Hair Dryer, Air Pump&Blower

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Powerful Motor

The JetFan has a speed of 86,000rpm, which is comparable to a high-speed Dyson hair dryer.
High-performance electric motor able to build a campfire shortly.

Ultra Lightweight

JetFan enables you to travel light anywhere. The handle of JetFan is easy to grip, and it weights only 220g, similar to the weight of an apple.

Cordless and Pocket-Size

With its ultra small size, JetFan can easily fit in your pocket just like an iPhone 14.

Long Lasting Battery

Up to 3.5 hours of running-time with USB-C rechargeable battery for added convenience. (*Test in lab environment under the first gear.)

Unlimited Application

Premium Quality

Nozzle for Added Possibility

The customized nozzle concentrates wind into a singular point for added power.

Compact Size and Powerful, Easy to Carry

Weights only 300g, Mini size and powerful wind

Adjustable Speed by Sliding the Button

You can easilyswitch the wind speed to instantlyreach the wind speed you want

Smaller Nozzle producing Powerful Airflow

Winds as powerful as compressed air can burst from Smaller Nozzle

"100"s of Use in a Single Design


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