Portable mini A4 printer

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Portable Printers Wireless for Travel Mini Printer, Bluetooth Mobile Printer, Inkless Thermal Printer Support 8.26"x11.69" A4 Thermal Paper, Compatible with Android and iOS Phone & Laptop

  • 【High Quality Printing】 Support 8.27x11.69 A4 thermal paper. The portable thermal printer provides superior print clarity resulting in hassle-free printing- high quality crisp, dark imaging and smooth printing effects and fast processing. (Black and white print)
  • 【Compact & Portable】12.2" x 2.7" x 1.6" small size wireless printer, lightweight, portable. It can be held with one hand, compact fits in your backpack or briefcases. Our travel mini printer great concept for On-site printing from anywhere needed, convenient mobile printing anywhere travel/business/car/office/school.For example, print invoices, exam documents, lists and contracts on site.
  • 【Inkless Printing】 Small Printer use thermal technology - don't require ink, toner, or ribbons, no ink-related blockages and cleaning issues, more environmentally friendly, easy to print wherever you need it. You only need to replace the thermal paper and you're good to go, cheaper than traditional ink cartridges + paper.
  • 【High Compatibility】 This bluetooth mobile printer not only supports IOS, and Android mobile phone by bluetooth connection, but also supports USB connection for MAC and Windows 7/8/10/11. Print PDF, Word, Images, Web from your phone—whenever, wherever.(PC ONLY supports USB connection printing)
  • 【What You Get】 1 Portable Printer, U disk drive x1, USB-C cable x1, Storage Bag x1, Printer Paper x 10, Quick Start Guide x 1.

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Customer Reviews

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Libby Unwin
Quite Handy and Useful

I received Portable Wireless Printer to review and here are my thoughts:

1. The print quality is surprisingly good for a thermal printer. Better, sharper than the retail receipts I have received.

2. It's as small as can be and still print 8.5x11 paper. That's impressive. (Note: I'm sure it prints other sizes, but this is what I was given to try out.)

3. It prints easily via Bluetooth. While I did use their app to print, the app itself is lightweight and intuitive, and I was able to print from just about any document format. I use Google Drive for everything and it was able to print an exported PDF easily. No hoops to jump through, and no hiccups.

4. It is completely wireless. After it's charged, all you need is paper and a Bluetooth connection to print. There is an option for directly connecting to a laptop, but I didn't test that option because I am rarely at my desk. The charge seems to hold -- I've printed 6 sheets on a partial charge and it shows no signs of being out of juice anytime soon.

Now for the cons, which are relatively picky and few (I am reviewing this for others, after all...).

1. The paper has to be *thermal* paper. It's do-able -- they sell it on Amazon, as well as at Staples, OfficeMax, and probably others. It's not hard to find, however, if you're geographically far from a thermal paper seller, and you run out, and you need it *now,* that could get tricky. BUT, that's the same story as any thermal printer (retail receipts, etc.), and I would assume if you're using this for business, you'll be sure to stock up on thermal paper to avoid this.

2. Thermal paper is more expensive than office paper. This may seem obvious. But here's the thing: if you are geographically far from a conventional printer, this is one way to print anyway. You can balance out the cost of driving to and printing at a copy center or the office with the cost of having the paper on hand and ready to use immediately.

3. The actual printing is a little noisy. Not loud, but noisy. So don't print next to a light sleeper or in church.

4. I'm not sure how to tell how much of a charge is left. Perhaps there is a way, but it's not obvious to me.

Overall, I'm impressed with this printer. It definitely worth considering if you'd like the option to print on the spot. I think anyone who travels and does estimates would find this pretty handy, as it would easily integrate with any program or app that can export a PDF or other common file type.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you to Phomemo for valuing my honest review.