Portable Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer

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Suitable for personal and industrial use

Portable Intelligent Handheld Inkjet Printer  with 4.3in LED Screen Inkjet Coding Machine (Support 23 Languages Including English, French, Spanish, Italian,Arabic,etc)

12.7mm ——25.4mm——100mm

It is just the maximum height of the printed text logo.

The printer of each size can adjust it smaller, but cannot increase it.

Printer system language:
English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Slovenian, Serbian, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Romanian

Price includes 1 ink cartridge

According to different printing contents and different printing sizes,

For example: 
Print production date [2023/11/18]
2.5mm font height, capable of printing 1.08 million times,
4.2mm font coverage, capable of printing 980000 times,
7.6mm font height, capable of printing 210000 times,
12.7mm font height, capable of printing 27000 times
24.4mm font height, capable of printing 800 times,

Quick-Drying Solvent Cartridge: This Handheld Inkjet Printer

Adopt the Original High-Definition Quick-Drying Ink Cartridge (Black), So Print is very Clear and Strong Adhesion.
Support Multiple Languages: This Handheld Inkjet Printer has 4.3inch LED Color Touch Screen, Image Display Clearly, Touch Sensitive and Accurate, Easy to Operate, Support 23 Languages (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic ). Products Through Various Quality Certification (CE,FCC,KC,ROHS,UL,MSDS,UN38.3)
Various Printing Contents: This Handheld Inkjet Printer can Print a variety of Contents, Including Text, Numbers, Symbols, QR codes, Barcodes, Pictures, Time, Date, Counter and so on. Support 1 to 5 Lines of Printing,Font Height up to 12.7mm, Maximum Length of Single Printing is 406mm, The Highest Resolution of the Printed Picture is 4800px *150px, Picture Support PNG,JPEG,BMP Format.
Suitable for Printing on Multiple Materials: This Handheld Inkjet Printer can be Printed on a variety of Materials, Wood,Carton,Stone,MDF,Light Steel,Pipe,Plastic,Alluminum Foil,Cable,Cloth and Other Materials. (Note: Printing in a Smooth and Straight Position Works Best.)
No APP needed, directly edit in printer system, or import pictures from USB.



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Customer Reviews

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Print very good results.

Frank Rush
Handheld Printer Labeler for the quick job and small business

HANDHELD PRINTER is supplied as complete kit ready to use. In my opinion this system is best suited for the small business as it can be used as Labeler to mark boxes, address large labels and place text on various types of merchandise.

We have been using for several weeks. The more use, the better and proficient we become. Use on box material ink will dry fast. Use on slick paper material takes more time. We find trial and error with different materials is the only way to see what the system can do. On cloth materials the metal guide keeps material flat while printing.

This kit prints letters up to one inch high. The ink printer cartridge supplied has black ink. According to Manual other colors are available which we did not order. The Print Cartridge is the Print Head. Rubber rollers are on the face which assists in moving the device across material. Opening print cartridge instruction is vague but placing into device is clear. The system is compactly stored in a metal aluminum case with handle. Two latches on the front secure top and bottom section of case. There is foam cutout for components. A User Manual is included but it is lacking in my opinion. I read all the information and instructions on the Amazon product site which I found useful. There are also Video's on the product site which are helpful. Recommended… Four ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️Star

You time looking at my Review is appreciated. Thank you! It is hoped you find it Valuable, Informative, Useful and HELPFUL. 😃

Great Product

If you need to print logo and documents,Only works with supplied USB stick,Print quality is pretty good. Use solvent quick-drying ink

Heather Allgood
Great handheld printeer

Size: PRINT HEIGHT/25.4mm Verified Purchase
This printer is simple to operate and meets my manufacturing requirements well. This portable inkjet printer is very affordable and simple to operate. The printing is legible. On a level surface, it works wonderfully. The ink dries quickly and prints on polypropylene caps and glass bottles. The ink cartridge lasts for a long period. I use the date code option and have printed around 10,000 pieces so far. Ink is still going strong. The portable printer has a high resolution performance of 300 and 600 DPI on a variety of materials such as carton boxes, glass, bottle, wood, metal board, leather, fabric, steelpipe, aluminum cans, lumber, tube, automobile components, and so on. Printing on uneven or curved surfaces with a handheld portable printer and a metal jig might result in improved printing results. Handheld inkjet printer with strong and intelligent system Text, QRcodes, barcodes, Lot/Batch Numbers, Production Date, Expiration Date, Pictures (PNG, JPEG, BMP), Logo, counter, and so on are examples of print material. Widely employed in a variety of industries, including warehouses, manufacturing, logistics, and convenience stores. The date printer has a 4.3-inch sensitive and precise touch capacitive screen with a crisp picture display. The navigation interface is simple and straightforward to use. Handheld printer gun has an original 42ml rapid drying black ink cartridge that is easy to change, has a strong adhesion, and intelligent ink saving. I can print up to 2,000,000 characters with a 4.2mm font size. Printing height of a handheld inkjet coder: 0.098 inch - 0.5 inch. 1 to 5 lines of printing are supported. The maximum length of a single print is 406mm. Edit material directly on the system, or use a U disk to freely import customized content. 23 languages are supported.
Ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip.
To suit production requirements, 360-degree all-around code printing is available.
The portable handheld inkjet printer is small and light.

Rupak Bhattacharya
An incredible printer for it’s price!

Size: PRINT HEIGHT 12.7mm Verified Purchase
What an impressive quality product!
Comes nicely packed in a metal box, with compartments inside so everything is safe in place.

The user interface is a lot better than any of the other handheld printers we have in our business.

The Editor is very nicely laid out and makes adding content very easy!
ALSO : this is the first printer we have where the date and time can AUTO-UPDATE - This is an extremely useful feature if you are using it for product manufacturing!

There’s a nice little flap where the cartridge goes in and keeps dust away. The other printers we have dont have that feature.

We found the print quality a lot crisper than the others we have used in the past.
The company is very responsive to questions, which made our purchase decision a lot easier.