Large size laser engraving machine D2

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Large size laser engraving machine

Stainless Steel Wood Plastic Customized logo,
DIY Glass Leather Laser Marking

product description:
D2 Laser Engraving Machine--3W/7W/15W/30W Laser Head
Classic Laser Engraving Machine / APP Simple Operation / Stable Engraving / Precise Cutting / Large Area Engraving / Unlimited Engraving / Low Noise Operation / Authoritative Report / Safety Certification
Engraving area: 170*200mm,
Product material: Acrylic,
Body size: 380*320*130mm,
Body weight: 1.6kg
Technical support: DAJA Technology,
Package size: 430*280*140 mm,
Package weight: 2.5kg,
Support format: JPEG/JPG/PNG/BMP,
Support language: Chinese/English/Japanese,
Support system: Windows/Android
Rotation axis Size:20*13*6cm
Rotation axis weight:1.13kg

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is the engraving machine easy to install and operate?
Each engraving machine is equipped with detailed installation and operating instructions, Basically, it can be learned in more than ten minutes, and it is equipped with detailed video tutorials. There are also one-to-one online guidance by professional technicians.
2. Do I need to wear goggles when operating the machine?
Goggles are in packing list. Recommend to wear goggles when operating machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the eyes caused by direct laser beam!
3. How to choose the power?
The 3W machine can carve paper, wood, leather, bamboo, plastic, PVC, acrylic, food, ceramics, glass, stone, crystal, etc.The 7W includes 3w engraving materials and can also engrave lacquered metal, coke cans, thermos bottles, etc. The 15W/30W machine contains 3w/7w engraving materials, and can also engrave 304/201/316 stainless steel. Among them, ceramics, glass, stones, and crystals need to be carved with colored paper.
4. What materials can be engraved by this engraving machine?
This machine is suitable for wood, plastic, leather, bamboo, acrylic, stainless steel metal, paper, lacquered metal, ceramic, glass, crystal stone and other materials


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Customer Reviews

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latwaron gilmer
Pretty cool machine!!

This is a pretty cool machine, it has a smooth cut on wood and acrylic sheets. It’s super easy to put together, the instructions were very easy to follow. I had my husband help with it and we were done in about 45 minutes. I will say that you will definitely have to have a well open area like your garage, because the fumes are very potent. Overall this is a good laser cutter.