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31 December 2023CHENGZIJIAN

We have printers in 3 different sizes
The different sizes are the maximum printing height of the printer, Unlimited length


Font height 2.5mm to 12.7mmPrice USD530
Font height 2.5mm to 25.4mmPrice USD690
Font height 6mm to 100mm→Price USD1950

The printed content can be freely edited,
Supports 23 national language systems,

International version system language:
English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Thai, Slovenian, Serbian, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Bulgarian, Romanian

Just like switching the language system on your mobile phone, you can directly input Japanese by switching the Japanese system!


Choose the printer according to the height you need to print your text logo
The ink it prints is single color,
What color ink should I put in, what color should I print on?
You can choose from these ink colors:

How many prints does one ink cartridge produce?
You just print the production date:
The font height is about 3-4mm and can be printed 900,000 to 1 million times.

Print 25mm height QR code, can print 35,000 times,
Prints 25mm height English text, can be printed 30,000 times

Print 50mm height QR code and can print 7500 times.
Print 50mm height English characters and can print 3500 times.
Print 100mm height QR code, can be printed 2000 times
Printing 100mm height English text, can be printed 4500 times,

Individual cartridge price:
12.7mm USD93
25.4MM USD107
100MM USD388



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