Laser Engraving Machine for Beginners C1

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mini Laser Engraver, Foladable Laser Cutter 0.05mm High Precision, Portable Laser Engraving Machine for Wood and lacquered metal,Acrylic,Leather

The difference between basic version and professional version,
The professional version just adds a cylindrical engraved roller accessory

The maximum engraving area is 80x80mm

【Enhanced Auto Focus & Lift】C1 laser engraver now features improved auto focus, simplifying your engraving. A single touch delivers precise focus. Additionally, prior to engraving, the device projects an image preview, boosting efficiency and precision. Its foldable design removes installation hassles, ensuring remarkable convenience. This portable, lightweight engraver offers location and time flexibility, even running on a power bank.

【Faster & Higher Accuracy Engraving】Experience faster and more accurate engraving with the C1 laser engraving machine. Its 5W laser power and ultra-long, 0.05mm infrared laser guarantee swift and precise results. The impressive maximum engraving speed of 600mm/s ensures efficient completion of your projects, creating lifelike engravings. Please note that for metal engraving, the C1 is only work on COATED METAL.

【Bottom Hollow and Rotatable Design】C1 laser cutter offers multiple carving modes, thanks to its bottom hollow and rotatable design. The movable board can be placed on either the flat or convex side, allowing you to customize your carving and cutting according to your needs. Moreover, the unique rotatable design permits engraving at any bevel within a 180° range. You can also directly place the C1 on top of large objects for accurate marking, breaking free from height and area limitations.

【Easy Connection】With Bluetooth connectivity, engraving your preferred images is a breeze using the app. The C1 mini laser engraver also supports connection to both Mac and Windows systems via a USB-C cable.

【Safety Protection & Quality Assurance】 C1 laser cutter and engraver machine prioritize safety with motion protection and overheat monitoring features, ensuring the well-being of users and equipment. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to provide you with a satisfying answer.

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Customer Reviews

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Fazos g
It's an addictive machine for beginners

I've been playing around with this ever since it arrived. Was supposed to be a Sunday delivery and it took til Tuesday night with the annoying delays. Happy with the laser. It's my first laser. The software is easy to learn, the material testing is a must for beginners,
Just go to the mode you want to do and insert an array and select material testing.
Buy one, teach your young ones how to use it and create things. Just one thing, Never leave the machine unattended while its working. Materials can flame up and catch fire if you have the wrong settings. I'm happy with my purchase. Now placed an order for their D2 machine as well.

Derek Damen
Great product

Overall great product and does great Ingraving..

Pros: great Quality ingraving, easy to adjust laser, it won't just fail or end project unless u purposely press stop, app is easy to use and will show u where it will Ingrave before u start it, works on most Material.

Cons: kinda sucks at cutting but tbh I don't use it for that anyway , bigger the bigger the image/text u wanna ingrave longer the time but yet again idm.. I kinda just sit back and come back to it In a bit, makes a bit of a smell.. the smell depends on what ur ingraving, u can hear the motor moving the Lazer around so there is a bit of noise but it's not that loud, doesn't work on all Material or metallic material,

I would recommend this product and I love it.. it does everything I want and is great for its price.

Awesome machine love it !!!

Awesome machine getting ready to order the next one as well !!!!!!

Easy to use laser engraving machine

I had everything set up in under 10 minutes including the driver and launching the included software with the laser. It's really nice that I don't need to make any separate purchases to use it. The software is set up different than what I'm used to, but not difficult to figure out. I love that you can have it highlight the engraving area before you start. It's a huge time saver on lining up your project. The instructions include settings for most materials and slowing it down works best getting your image to show up. This little machine is super fast. It takes only a few minutes to engrave. I'm going to enjoy using this and can't wait to try more projects with it.