Metal jewelry nameplate stainless steel laser engraving machine S4

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S4 Fiber Laser Marking Machine Metal Nameplate Engraver for Jewelry Stainless Steel Portable Engraving Industrial Desktop

Product highlights

1.Can engrave all metals,stainless steel, leather, plastic, etc.

2.Automatically generate barcodes. Automatic code jump, bid farewell to cumbersome, simple and easy to learn.Support batch engraving. Smart and convenient.

3.The machine moves conveniently and is suitable for personal office

4.Free lift function, suitable for more height engraving.

5.The machine has a high-speed vibration lens scanner to reduce delay and error

6.It has high-definition laser field mirror, wide focusing range, wear-resistant and non-slip, excellent marking

7.The machine can be adjusted for positioning, and the batch engraving is more stable Carvable materials: meet all metal and non-metal (metal pet brand, metal pendant, stainless steel kettle, plastic buttons, PVC pipe, plastic shell, acrylic plate, leather wallet and wine jug, metal U disk, electroplated metal, stainless steel material

Device parameters

Software: EZ CAD&Lightburn. The application software of the machines in the Brazil warehouse is Bsl, please choose according to your needs. You can also contact us when placing an order

Laser power: 20w/30w

Punching specification: 150*150mm
Supported languages: Chinese/English/Portuguese/Spanish/French/Russian/Japanese/Korean/French etc.

List of accessories: goggles, U disk, hexagonal wrench, focusing film, data cable, fixed focus test film, the goods are in stock, please contact customer service for details! If you have any questions about the product or size-related questions, welcome to chat and ask questions.

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Customer Reviews

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Pleased so far

At this point I have had the laser for a couple of months. I have only etched on carbon fiber tube and slate. Both etch well. I was able to find a library for material settings, not from Mr carve.